Finding Hidden Assets

Tangible Personal Property

This consists of automobiles, machinery, inventory, phone systems, computers, bank accounts, stocks and shares, bonds as well as paid insurance plans that have cash value. All valuable goods that an individual or a business purchases or possesses are considered a tangible asset.

Ownership will depend on possession except if the possession has to be licensed like automobiles, boats or aircraft. For those kinds of assets, the ownership is decided by title along with registration. Any other property can determine ownership by a canceled check or sales receipt, however, possession is nine-tenths of the law which seems to be the guiding belief of the courts.

At Marcadis Singer PA we believe that any good debt collection effort starts with a thorough search for hidden assets. All too often an attorney will try to collect a debt and later find out that the debtor has been hiding their assets with tangible personal property. We represent clients in both consumer and commercial collection cases. Contact Marcadis Singer PA to take back what is yours.

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