Finding Hidden Assets

Real Property

Every house, condo, apartment or commercial building and land are considered real property. Only residences that are safeguarded by a homestead exemption are excluded from getting attached. Any other real estate is susceptible to claim via the courts.

Attachment is a court order which prevents the debtor from transferring assets out of state or country before a judgment is granted. Before getting an attachment on real property, the claimant needs to consider the likelihood of finding the assets in need of attachment, the costs involved, and the probability of getting an order.

Real property attachment is only one of the many tools used in the process of collecting a debt. As your collections attorney, Marcadis Singer PA is dedicated to making sure you receive as much of your money back as possible. Our experienced debt collection attorneys are standing by to take care of all of your commercial and consumer debt collection needs. Contact us today to take back what is owed to you.

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