Finding Hidden Assets

Finding Assets

Attorneys, investors and government organizations possess the best ability in finding hidden assets, particularly in instances where a person or company owes money which is not getting paid back. The IRS is the most skillful creditor. Their field agents and auditors are specialists in finding assets to fulfill levies, liens, income tax cheating and evasion situations. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Resolution Trust Corporation, the Small Business Administration, student loan authorities, bankruptcy trustees and state departments of revenue are likewise skilled in finding concealed assets. Expert skip-tracers in addition to any person who uses their time to carry out the searches required to uncover the assets of both individuals and businesses will use most of the similar techniques that the government employs.

The following are the main sources for this kind of information:

  • National Death Index
  • Income/Earnings
  • Defendant’s Workplace
  • Unearned Revenues
  • Subpoena Business Records

At Marcadis Singer, PA, we believe that that start of any good debt collection process begins with a search for hidden assets. As you can see, it is not enough to simply look at the defendant’s income, there are many¬†different avenues in which debtors can hide assets. The debt collection attorneys at Marcadis Singer PA are experts in their fields and specialize in both commercial collections and consumer collections. Contact Marcadis Singer PA to take back what is yours.

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