Debt Collectors Will Find Debtors – Skip Tracing

When you have someone trying to avoid you, that owes you a debt, professionals in the debt collection industry have a suite of tools that can help to find that person, and collect on your debt.

Information provided by the debtor

There is usually information about a debtor both in correspondence and transactions with the creditor and on their original credit application.  Debt collectors prefer this type of information, as it is readily available.
This information can include:
·      Relative not living with you
·      Personal Guarantees
·      Addresses from deliveries
·      Email trails
·      Order history.

Credit Reports and Scores

A debt collector can easily retrieve credit scores to judge a debtors ability to pay a debt, and pull credit record to see where else a debtor owes money, where debtors have had charge offs, address history, different variations of the debtors name, and a host of other information making it possible to track down a debtor hiding from creditors.

Commercial Databases

From to LexisNexis Accurint and SearchAmerica, there are a host of easily accessible databases that can track down where a debtor can be contacted.  Some databases go so far as to create a model of how likely a debtor is to pay certain types of debts based on their payment histories.
There are also services that aggregate data from multiple sources from as far flung as contest entries to as rational as change off address notifications.

Social Media

Imagine telling a debt collection professional about how you can’t afford to pay a debt, while they are viewing a Facebook page with pictures of a Caribbean Cruise, or telling a debt collector that you have no assets, when there is a picture of a beautiful jewelry purchase recently made on the debtors social media accounts.
Something as basic as liking a bank on Facebook can give a debt collector clues as to where a debtor banks.   Some debt collection companies consider Social Media “off limits” however if the information is in the public, at the moment it is fair game.

Debt Collection Search

It is the job of a debt collection professional to use all means at their disposal to retrieve money legitimately owed by a debtor.   With experience, in today’s digital age, that data is available from an astounding array of sources.
The simple truth of the matter is, a debtor owes money; they have an obligation to pay it.  The days of being able to easily hide from a debt collection professional are very limited.
Marcadis Singer, PA will put all necessary resources to work in collecting legitimate debts.  Hiding assets, or hiding how to contact a debtor is no longer an easy task.  Often times, simply letting a debtor know how much you know about them and their spending habits can be enough to gain a quick settlement of outstanding debt.






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