Finding a Florida Collection Agency or Debt Recovery Attorney

Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t gotten any results from your own debt collection efforts, especially if your in-house accounts receivable department is overwhelmed with the demand.   Even if you have tried everything in your power to collect and failed, a debt collection agency might be the answer to your debt management problems.   Depending on the volume or value of the debt, or the complexity in debt recovery, a debt collection attorney might be more appropriate than an agency.

Your best effort will, under normal circumstances, be adequate to recover most of your debt.  However, the process of debt collection is incredibly bogged down with legislation and “do’s and don’ts”.  One misstep on the part of a well meaning collection agent internally could result in opening your company to not only losing the amount owed to you, but also exposed to litigation for unfair debt collection.

Rely on a debt collection profesional, either an agency, or an attorney, and sometimes both, to productively recover stubborn debt, within the guidelines of the law.


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