It isn’t hard to assume that out of all Florida cities, Miami would be the most expensive one to by a home in.

Usually our minds would think straight to Miami Beach or Coral Gables; however, neither of those, while undoubtedly expensive, are a the top of the list.

Doral hit the the charts with an average of $552,390 in living expenses making it Florida’s most costly city to have a single-family home in. In case you need some perspective, that’s nearly two times the amount of the total living average of the whole Florida state, $525,019!
On a scale of least to most expensive (10 being the least), Palmetto Bay, Florida closely followed Doral as number two most expensive city in Florida with an average of $525,019, the same amount calculated for every city in Florida! Coming in as number ten on that list is Naples, Florida which averaged out to $394,403.

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