Satisfying a Florida Judgment

Locating a Defendant’s Workplace

Expert skip-tracers frequently perform surveillance on an individual by discretely following them to their workplace. Discretion is vital when carrying out these kinds of secret operations. In cases where the individual knows the vehicle’s model and color of the skip-tracer, it may well end up being a useless effort. To avoid detection, using a vehicle that is rented or that of a friend or colleague might eliminate this issue.

To really confirm employment status, visiting or calling to the workplace under a variety of pretexts might reap info on the person’s income or payroll date. “He is purchasing a vehicle from me and I need t to confirm his occupation as well as how much money he earns,” is just one easy tactic. When getting a response, then ask, “Is he paid every week or biweekly?” To get much more detailed info, you can pretend to be a potential employer. After that, it might be easy to ask these kinds of questions, “Is he up for a promotion or performance bonus?”or “How long has he been working for you?” Employers are usually quite frank once they believe they are speaking to a peer.

There are limits placed on attorneys as far as what we are and are not able to to do.  Some of these functions can be carried out by third parties, or by the creditor to give assistance to the Creditors’ Rights firm.

Skip Tracers are often used to help locate a debtor and their income.  Their efforts can often become critical when determining how to satisfy a Florida Judgment.

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