Your situation can be made much worse, debtor mistakes falling for debt collection scammers.

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debtors fall prey to scam artists to get our of debt - warnings by Marcadis Singer PA debt collection attorneys in Florida
Don’t Break Out Your Wallet for Get out of Debt Scammers

Most of our debtors are not “debt deadbeats” but are hard working people that have simply run behind, and really want to make good on their debt.  They fall prey to Get out of Debt Schemes, that can sometimes leave them worse off than when they started.  Typically, its just easier to work with the debt collectors, and do your best to get your debt taken care of, instead of trying to take the easy way out.

Here’s the experience of one person.. posted on the “RipOff Report”  when it comes to debt relief scams, that happened in Jacksonville Florida.

The money I paid each month half went to them for their services other half as I previously noted. I spent a total of 5-6000 dollars to them for nothing. They did not use common sense to negotiate with the most pressing ones first. These were the ones serving me with court papers to sue me and take me to court for what I owed them. Not one account actually got paid.

Read it yourself…

We are legitimate Debt Collection Attorneys in Jacksonville Florida, and shudder to hear about experiences like this all the time when we collect a debt in Jacksonville.   The money that was scammed away, could have been used to pay off her debt, and help her to rebuild her creditworthiness.

Here’s the Big Get our of Debt Scams.

1.  Pay in advance for Credit repair or Debt Settlement Services.   If you are asked to pay up front, you may as will kiss that money goodbye because it is illegal for these services to charge you upfront fees.

2.  Pay for a Credit Repair service, when you can do it yourself.   There is a  mountain of online resources to help you clean up your credit report to get rid of errors.   A service will likely be no more successful than you are in clearing of legitimate debt from your score.  Paying for these services is nonsensical, that money could go toward debt, instead of lining the pockets of someone that wants to charge you for something you could do for free.

3.  Paying for a debt settlement service.   We aren’t saying that people never settle on a debt.. but there are generally guidelines.   If a creditor is prepared to take 50 cents on the dollar, your debt settlement service is likely to gobble up at least half of that, and walk away with half the savings.  Rather than avoiding your debt collectors, and debt collection attorneys, work directly with them, perhaps you can negotiate a debt settlement.. and all the savings will be yours.  Also a debt settlement may not help your credit worthiness any… things to consider.

When it comes to paying debt you owe, there is no silver bullet.  There are many people that pray on debtors trying to extract fees for false promises.  We have little respect for those that would pray on those who can least afford it.  It is astounding that debt collectors and debt collection attorneys are relegated the difficult job of collecting debt with dignity, and are dreaded, where the people that pray on the debtor selling false hope at a high price are lauded as heroes.

There is no quick fix, other than working with your collection professional the old fashioned way, and pay what you owe.

And Serving all of the state of Florida from our Home Office in Tampa.

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