Marcadis Singer PA are Florida Debt Collection Attorneys.

Every day we work with hundreds of hard working people that have found themselves in too much debt, struggling.   While our business is to recover funds that are owed to our clients, we wish that our debtors never found themselves in the position that they are in.

Debt Collection Attorneys Florida

We offer here the main reasons you should work as hard as you can to live a debt free life.

1.  Debt is the Great Dream Crusher!

If you are carrying a large overhead of debt, you increase the risk involved in chasing your dreams!   A business opportunity, a new job, most Americans cannot support even a 30 day interruption of their paychecks, and reaching for the stars is out of their reach, because they are feeding the debt engine.  Try to stash a few months of income so that you can reach for that next opportunity, and fund the gap in paydays.


You don’t like hearing from us.  But it’s more than that, it’s avoiding the phone, teaching avoidance to your family, the never ending back of your mind gnawing that you have more obligations than you can manage.  Stress has become the Number 1 contributor to illness in the US, and too much debt is one of the major contributors to stress.   Keep your spending inline – if you are over your head, make workable arrangements with your debt collection representatives, get the stress under control.

3.  Choices Disappear.

When you are ahead of yourself in debt, your choices are significantly diminished.   Want to treat yourself to that new car??  Bad Credit.   Want to jump ship for that great entrepreneurial venture… no funds to bridge the gap, because you are paying on debt.  New Baby, and need a bigger house?  Will your credit support it.  Life throws us so many things we don’t expect, when you are struggling with debt, you lack the ability to make choices in how to deal with these life events.

4.  Wasted Time.

None of us have time… but when you live in a debt riddled world, you spend time checking balances on accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, always double checking before you do anything.  You probably make more trips to the grocery store, spending a little bit each time, because you don’t have time to do a major shopping for the week.   You spend time talking to debt collectors, time gets consumed contacting financial institutions about late payments, and dealing with past due notices.    What a huge anxiety filled waste of time, living on the edge of the credit envelope.  Deal with your debt now, get back your time, get back a piece of your life.


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