It’s how you say it!

Debt Collection Vocabulary that can unintentionally send the wrong message.

The craft of an effective debt collector, especially when working with a debt collection attorney, as opposed to a debt collection agency, or the original creditor, is their ability to use language and emotion to legally compel a debtor to pay a past due debt.

There are times when your language might seem perfectly rational to you, but be perceived absolutely incorrectly by the debtor hearing the message.

Debt Collection Language is critical

Don’t Be Seen As This Person

Language that the typical person might think to be motivating are words like Fair, and Honest, and Rational.

However, in the context of debt collection, asking a debtor for their honest belief of when then can reasonably expect to pay their debt, can have the exact opposite impact.  The debtor may feel that you don’t believe they are being either honest or reasonable, and are challenging them.  Now we have a confrontation situation, which is not productive for anyone!.

Collection professionals should, in our opinion always be firm and to the point, and avoid any emotion triggering wording.

Statements that cannot be interpreted anyway other than forward motion are paramount to consistently delivering on debt.

“What can we do to get a commitment TODAY to resolve this?

No room for questions or accusations, simply a solid step forward.

When your efforts have failed in the collection of debt, and its time to involve the attorney’s, call Marcadis Singer, PA.   We are one of Florida’s largest and oldest law firms, whose practice is solely focussed on the collection of debt.



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