Marcadis Singer PA are debt collection attorneys in Florida.   We present the following because it is imperative those that work with us, as debtors and creditors, know how to discern a legitimate debt collection attempt from a debt collection attorney, from what some of the flimflam trying to make a buck scam artists are perpetuating.

The Texas BBB has received reports of “supposed” debt collectors threatening debtors with Jail.  These shady operators call well equipped with a great deal of personal information about the individual, which makes them sound “legitimate”.
Rest assured, no competent debt collection attorney will ever call you and threaten you with Jail.
When you are contacted by Marcadis Singer PA, or if you engage Marcadis Singer PA to assist you in the collection of a debt, we will use only the most professional and respectful communications.
The article is a worthwhile read.
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