Debt Collection Myths – Cease-and-Desist Letter Makes Debt Go Away

A cease-and-desist letter stops the debt collection attorney (or debt collection agency) from calling you.  Nothing else.  You still owe the debt after the collection professional stops calling.  The debt is still on your credit report.  The debt will still impact your credit score, and your ability to get financing.  It is even possible that refusing to contact the collections agency (or attorney) will lead to an escalation in the process… moving you even faster to court and potentially garnishment of wages or bank accounts.  What can also happen, is your debt might simply move from one collections agency to another, with the new agency no longer bound by your cease-and-desist order.

Work with the debt collection professional, it is their job to recover the money that you owe, but also to find a compromise to clear the debt in a way that works for everyone.


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