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Northwest Florida is a part of Florida that most people don’t expect.  On its shores are some of the most amazing beaches in the state, but at time, it more resembles its neighbors Alabama and Georgia, being further north.  As debt collection attorneys in North West Florida, we need a good understanding of the area’s economy, and also its personality, to ensure effective debt collections.

Northwest Florida Stretches from Pensacola to Tallahassee, and includes cities like Fort Walton and Panama City.  It is better known as the state panhandle.


The area’s economy has a thriving tourism sector.    Most notable though is because of location, and nearby military bases, and excellent transportation from interstates, to train, to deep water ports, this 16 county swath has a strong blue color workforce that it actively employed.  Industries that are strong employers in the area are aviation, defense, and IT – obviously with the base nearby.   Manufacturing though is responsible for over 30K jobs in the region, and that employment growth is projected to outstrip the rest of the state.  If you are owed money in this region of Florida, there’s a strong likelihood of collecting with this “backbone of America” work ethic and a growing economy.


Economic powerhouses in Northwest Florida include:



  1. Tyndall Air Force Base
  2. Hurlburt Field
  3. Pensacola Naval Air Station

These 3 military facilities account for employment of 158,000 military and civilian jobs.


Port Panama has recently finished a 250 acre Intermodal  (Ship, Train, Roadway)  Distribution Center

Financial Services

  • Navy General Credit Union
  • iGATE Corp


  • Bit-Wizards
  • AppRiver
  • Global Business Solutions

In all, a lot of Florida seems to have forgotten it’s assets in the Panhandle.   The area has beautiful beaches, a climate with greater seasonality, and a very strong technology, military, and manufacturing base.  The communities are quieter than the hustle and bustle of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, but the work ethic is strong.  We enjoy our trips up t the panhandle representing debt collection clients.  Our central location in Tampa/St. Petersburg makes it a very easy commute to represent clients in court.

If you are one of the growing and vibrant businesses in the panhandle, that needs help recovering debts you are owed, either commercial, or consumer, call on Marcadis Singer, PA.  If you have debt that you need to collect in the Florida Panhandle, Marcadis Singer, PA  is one of Florida’s Largest Debt Collectors, and we look forward to working with you to collect the money you are owed.








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