The Role Third-Party Debt Collection Plays in the US Economy #3

The Role of Debt Collection

Debt collection is an important and unique part of the market. Debt collection basically enforces contracts, primarily the contracts formed between consumers and lenders or lending between businesses or commercial debt. Enforcing contracts like this gives lenders some security through a third-party recovery system and provides lenders a way to assess and manage risks. This is necessary for the credit market as this ability to assess risks is important for allowing lenders to offer profitable loans and mitigate costs.

The role of debt collectors in general terms is as a protection mechanism for creditors that complements bankruptcy as a mechanism for protecting consumers. Debt collectors specifically help to offset the moral hazard of unsecured loans by giving lenders a way to recover money when a debtor defaults. Having debt collection services as an option for defaulted accounts provides stability to the lending world, providing lenders with a way to offer loans while keeping their risks under control.

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