The CLLA, Commercial Law League of America, is an industry association dedicated to improving the quality of the collections industry, and to representing the Creditors’ Rights industry in Washington.

On February 24, this year (2020) the Commercial Law League will host the 7th Annual Capitol Hill Day in Washington, D.C.

The agenda for the day includes continue lobbying in support of HR4421, with is Bankruptcy Reform. There will be lobbying as well in support of the Small Business Bill (28 USC Section 1409 (b)) specific to the jurisdictional provision relating to preferences related to Bankruptcy reform.

Further conversations will also be had around discharging student loans. Student loans are not dischargeable under bankruptcy unless they post “undue hardship” however undue hardship has yet to be defined, leaving the Student Loan Collections industry at “odd ends” when it comes to Bankruptcy.

The event also provides members and the public with an opportunity to hear about the lobbying efforts of the CLLA on behalf of the Creditors’ Rights industry.

If you believe that creditors extending credit in good faith, have a right to get paid, then support the CLLA in their efforts to keep the collections industry fair for those that have extended credit.

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