Credit cards get a bad rap for high interest, low payments that never bring down your balance and the destruction of credit ratings when they are maxed out, but there’s actually smart uses for plastic!

Smart Credit Card Uses


1.  Online Purchases

The big deal here is protection.  If your purchase goes south, you are able to reverse the transaction, and you may be eligible for better warranties and return policies.

Expensive Purchases


2.  Expensive Purchases.

There is often zero interest incentives for large purchases, If you have a credit card with the store brand.  These are opportunities often not made available to those without a credit card.

Renting a vehicle


3. Renting a vehicle.

For most rental agencies, you can’t rent, at all, without a credit card.

Travel expenses


4.  Travel expenses.

Again this is a matter of protection.  If your card is lost or stolen your credit card account can have a freeze put on it, and most cards can be quickly replaced in 24 hours.

Hotel accomadations


5.  Hotel  accommodations

Like renting a car, often you cannot get hotel reservations without a credit card.

Use credit wisely.

Have a great weekend, from your Florida Debt Collection Attorneys, Marcadis Singer, PA.

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