Huh?  What’s credit card debt have to do with being alone?

Well the good folks at Time Magazine report on a study that shows approximately half of all people find credit card debt an unattractive feature in a partner.

Women (51%) are more likely to be turned off someone with an abundance of bad debt than men (46%) but for both it’s a pretty high number.  This is a pretty stark change from the early days of credit cards when toting a “gold card” was a status symbol.   It appears that our society in general is settling down a little post recession with a more rational look at credit and its impact on relationships.

As debt collection attorneys, focussing our practice on the collection of debt in Florida, we see first hand the stresses that too much debt puts on relationships.   The results of this study are truly no surprise to us, although perhaps the depth, almost half, of the dislike for credit card debt in a relationship, was surprisingly high.

More to the point, according to the study, roughly 70% percent of the people polled felt that there was a bad stigma around too much credit card debt, 35% of people are embarrassed to even admit they owe money on their plastic, and over 40% feel that they are judged negatively by their friends and lovers over credit card debt mismanagement.

It appears that there’s good and bad debt.   Good debt, things like mortgages, do not share the same stigma as credit cards.

So, unlucky in love?  Alone?  Isolated from your loved ones?  Maybe its time to call back those debt collection attorneys and make arrangements to climb out from under that credit card debt!

It’s a great article, and an interesting turn on the public’s attitudes towards credit cards.

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