Marcadis Singer, PA are Credit Card Collection Attorneys in Florida.  We have years of experience working with credit card debtors, and have invested in the significant infrastructure required to service credit card companies and their debt collection needs.

With the return of a strong economy, the credit card industry is seeing a strong comeback, with some consumer behavior changes.

Credit Card Debt Collection Florida

The American Bankers Association shows strong growth in the credit card industry, and across all credit risk sectors.

In a nutshell monthly purchases are up in the sub prime market by 14.3%.  Prime risk spending is up 10.3%, and Super-prime spending is up 8.2%.

New credit card accounts are up an impressive 10% year over year.

So called “revolvers” people that have account balances that carry forward month over month fell 1.5%, those that pay their balance in full though are up .6%.     It appears that consumers are using their credit cards now more as a form of payment, as opposed to a debt vehicle, paying off their debt as they go.

In our opinion this could be both a sign of a stronger economy and spending power, as much as it could be a sense of consumer caution while they come out of recession.  Whichever it is, it is good to see more aggressive use of credit cards, paired with a more conservative approach to paying them off.

As a reflection of this increased “responsible” credit use, there have also been modest credit line increases across the board in all credit risk groups.

Marcadis Singer, PA are Credit Card Collection Attorneys in Florida.  We have in place all the infrastructure and security to support collections for the credit card industry.

Please call either Ralph Marcadis or Gil Singer for information regarding our services for credit card companies and debt collection in Florida.

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