Debt Collection Policy

Debt is something that many individuals struggle with. If you fall behind on payments or simply forget to pay a bill that is sent to collections, you do not need to panic. Debt collection is a process that can be pretty intimidating once you start receiving letters in the mail. However, the process of collecting a debt is regulated and a debt collection attorney in Florida can inform you of your rights. Panic is a normal response, but before you freak out it is important to know what your next move should be.

Get It In Writing

Whenever you are contacted by a third party about a debt it is essential that you request information in writing that indicates the actual debt owed. This information must be delivered within 5 days of the request. This notice should include vital information including the amount owed and the creditor that the debt is owed to.

You should also be given instructions that detail your options if you feel the debt is not owed. Instead of calling, it is best to ask for a written request that you can review for accuracy. Debt collection is a tedious process and this is simply the first step. Whenever you request this verification information you should always send it through verified mail. This will ensure that the recipient can’t deny receiving the written notice.

Keep Records

When dealing with the debt collection process it is really important to keep records of everything. This includes all information sent to you in the mail about a given debt, but also all phone calls that take place with a debt collector. This will ensure that you will always have access to the records you need to substantiate any claims that are made. Be sure to track the dates of all phone conversations and even keep track of the name of the person that you are speaking with. The more information that you have will only benefit you in the future.

Why Does It Matter?

There are guidelines and restrictions in place when it comes to debt collection tactics. This means that the paper trail and records that you are keeping will come in handy and be necessary if it turns out that the debt collector you are dealing with breaks the law in any capacity. Remember that even if you owe a debt you still have rights.


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