Congratulations!  You Won

You have a Florida Judgment for what you are owed

Now What?

You can take someone to Small Claims Court if they owe you money. If you have proof that they owe you money, there is a good chance that the Small Claims judgment will be awarded to you. However, even with a successful judgment in your favor, you will still need to collect the money. A whopping 79% of judgments in Small Claims are not collected. The judgment winners are not aware of how to collect the money owed to them from a defendant who is unwilling to pay. You won the judgment and now you need to collect, these 5 steps will show you how to go about collecting from an unwilling debtor.

To Be Continued.

We hope you enjoy this short miniseries on collecting from a Florida Judgment.  Should you need legal help, Marcadis Singer, PA dedicate their practice to all things related to getting paid.  We can assist you in collecting on your Florida Judgment.

The information contained in this blog series are for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice on any subject matter. … You should not act upon this information without consulting legal counsel.

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