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Interrogatories in Aid of Execution


Q: “Interrogatories in aid of execution”, what are they?

A: After the final judgment, a series of questions must be answered under oath by the creditor to the debtor.

Q: What rules comes into play with interrogatories in aid of execution?

A: The Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.340 governs interrogatories in aid of execution.

Q: What amount of time is given for the judgment order to respond to interrogatories in aid of execution?

A: 30 days with an additional 5 days if mailed.

Q: Is there an interrogatories limit?

A: Yes, interrogatories must not exceed 30 (subparts included). However, if the court permits for good reason, an exemption from this rule, more than 30 may be allowed.

Q: What if the judgment debtor does not answer to the interrogatories?

A: An order would be made for them to comply; if this is failed to be done, Order of Contempt would be filed.
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