Collecting a Florida Judgment

Deposition in Aid of Execution:


Q: What is a deposition in aid of execution?

A: Instead of interrogatories, the creditor can depose the debtor or its representative (if they are a corporation), in aid of execution.

Q: How is information collected from the judgment debtor?

A: A Subpoena Duces Tecum for deposition in aid of execution is given upon a representative of the debtor. This requires them to show up for the deposition where the date and time can be noted; during this time they will also have various corporate books, records, and other such documentation.

Q: When to schedule a deposition?

A: Usually, no less than 35 days from the time from the notice.

Q: What to do in the event that improper assets are included in the deposition?

A: The creditor can bring action against the recipients to mend the assets or their value.
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