Ralph Marcadis, collecting Florida JudgmentsStrategies for collecting a Florida Judgment

Friday last, I spent the day working on post judgment deposition and trying to collect on some old judgments.  I’d like to share some of my thoughts and strategies on collecting a Florida Judgment, as managed correctly, a Judgment can be far more than a simple piece of paper.



  1. I noticed the large number of judgments that are entered where the Defendant does not act. Its probably a combination of people who either don’t care or does cares and just can’t do anything about it.  You would think that if they have the  money they would pay, but its not like that. It’s all about making your debt the priority.
  2. When doing business with a company or an individual, I always tell the client’s to keep  the banking information.  After judgment, one of the best ways to collect is by garnishing the bank account.  Remember, on a Corporate Defendant there are not the same exemptions.  You would be surprised how garnishing someones’s bank account gets their attention.
  3. We can levy on cars in Florida.  If the car has some value and no liens, it’s a great avenue to collect.  We have garnished all types of cars including BMWs, Lexis and Mercedes,
  4. If you have a Florida judgment and your Defendant moves out of state, the judgment can follow that person to the other state.  Sometimes, we get lucky and the debtor moves to a state where the laws are more favorable to collect.
  5. Florida judgments are good for 20 years, therefore if you can’t collect today, you can always try in a couple of years.  If they have wage garnishment exemptions due to being head of house and supporting minor kids, the children will not always be minors and the exemption will be lost.
  6. Tax time is  a great time to try to collect on judgments because people are getting tax refund checks.


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