Collecting a Florida Judgment – A Series

Hearing in Aid of Executions and “Fact Information Sheet”:

Q: When is a hearing in aid of execution available to take place?

A: In a small claims action.

Q: When can a hearing in aid of execution be requested?

A: Thirty days after the date of judgment.

Q: What is required for a hearing in aid of execution?

A: The judge can be requested by the Florida judgment creditor or their attorney to ask the judgment debtor to complete a form called a Fact information Sheet within 30 days of the order or other reasonable time.

Q: What happens during a hearing in aid of execution?

A: To The judgment debtor will be asked under oath financial status, and any available assets i excess of exemption to be presented to the judge.

Q: What happens in the event that the debtor does to  appear for this hearing?

A: They may be held for contempt of court pursuant If the comply is failed, the court may release a writ of bodily attachment.
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