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Bad debt actually has two steps to its collection.  First bad debt must be identified, and then recovered.  

While it sounds easy identifying bad debt is not always as simple as it may sound.  Although the earlier it is identified the easier in most cases it is to collect.  Bad debt can be identified earlier in the process but watching for the following signs.

The customer fails right off the bat to pay per the agreed terms.  A customer that makes unrealistic complaints about a service or a product normally will hold back, or never make the payment.  Some customers will ask for continuous extensions on the payment due dates.  Phone calls or letters are ignored by the debtor.  Also those customers that always pay late, will eventually in most cases turn to bad debt.  

Once the bad debt is identified, the recovery process can begin.  For some companies they may first attempt to collect the debt in house, to try to maintain a good relationship with the customer.  If you do this and have good documentation to prove the debt in many cases the customer may make good on the debt and make recovery easy.

For a constant or chronic defaulting customer the in house collection efforts don’t always work.  In this case debt collection attorneys have the ability to enforce efforts to collect and use the legal boundaries provided to collect for you.  These attorneys also will be more successful for your collections when you provide them all the necessary data to help in the collection process.  Marcadis Singer PA has the knowledge to utilize all techniques available to them for collection of the identified bad debt.

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