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UCC Records

UCC Records

UCC records can be a valuable tool in debt collection and in judgement recovery.  Often financial statements, or otherwise known as UCC records, are filed if there is a transaction occurs wherein personal property is put up as collateral on a lease or loan. Within this statement, if there are banks that are doing the financial backing, they must also be must be named. The UCC filing is generally a part of small business financing.  These filings may help you to be aware what other obligations that your debtor is responsible for.

Creditors extend credit expecting for that debt to be repaid, which is not an unreasonable expectation.  You may extend credit to a debtor who, for some reason or another, is unable to repay what they owe you. Your inability to collect on this debt may cause you to need the help of a debt collection attorney.  Marcadis Singer, PA, has many years of experience in debt collection, utilizing various resources such as UCC records.  While we understand that your debtor may have run into financial issues out of their control, the fact remains that the debt still needs to be repaid.  Let our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Marcadis Singer, PA, work with you to help develop a strategy that you are comfortable with to pursue collecting your debt.

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