Asset Searching for Debt Collection & Judgment Recovery

Finding Bank Accounts

Bank accounts are some of the easiest assets to attach. Once bank accounts are found, the judge will uphold your judgment.

A good collections process usually includes a deep search for hidden assets. If you were to go online and look up “hidden asset search” you would probably get an online search tool that would claim to be able to find all of the hidden assets a person may have. This claim is totally false due to the simple fact that these tools can’t find the most valuable data, bank accounts, income streams, and investment accounts. Often times these online searches will only be able to scrape data from public records such as real estate and other forms of property.

What you need is an asset search that is tailored to your individual case. What’s the point of searching public records if the defendant is hiding their assets in a bank account? This is why you need a collections attorney on your side that you can trust.

Marcadis Singer PA’s flawless record with our clients is a reflection of our ability to collect both commercial and consumer debt in the state of Florida. Contact Marcadis Singer PA today to get back what it yours.

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