Guaranteed Diligence in Asset RecoveryAttorney reviewing documents for asset recovery and levy execution.

When it comes to debt collection, securing a favorable courtroom ruling is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in transforming those judgments into actual payments. At Marcadis Singer, PA, we excel in bridging this gap. Through diligent process serving, asset identification, and expertly executed court-approved levy petitions, we turn past-due financial obligations into recoveries.

Creditors often face several hurdles in enforcing judgments:

  • Identifying Seizable Property: Determining which assets can be legally seized to satisfy the debt.
  • Navigating Jurisdictional Complexities: Managing the procedural intricacies that vary across different jurisdictions.
  • Meeting Evidentiary Requirements: Providing sufficient evidence to support the seizure of assets.
  • Countering Exemption Claims: Addressing debtor pleas to protect certain assets from seizure.

Marcadis Singer, PA provides persistent and strategic advocacy, overcoming these barriers with customized levy executions that align with creditors’ needs.

The Successful Seizure of Assets

Imagine uncovering hidden ownership links and undisclosed financial resources through thorough asset investigations. Picture presenting compelling arguments that justify the seizure of bank account balances and the placement of property liens to satisfy judgments.

This is the reality of Marcadis Singer’s approach to creditor advocacy. Our meticulous procedural filings and adept handling of debtor objections ensure that our clients’ priorities are met, despite increasingly sophisticated exemption and fraudulent tactics by debtors.

Validation Through Verifiable Victories Validation Through Verifiable Victories

Our track record speaks for itself:

  • 3,100+ debtor bank account levies executed.
  • $127 million in non-exempt assets seized.
  • 82% voluntary resolution rate before auction.
  • 99% customer satisfaction since 2015.

With over 4,500 clients served, Marcadis Singer has demonstrated unparalleled effectiveness in enforcing levy-based judgments against both individual and commercial interests.

Take Action with Marcadis Singer, PA’s Expertise

If you’re facing challenges in enforcing your judgments, our experienced attorneys are ready to help. We possess deep legal system knowledge and can guide you through the process of securing seizure petitions and overcoming obstacles to rightful compensation. Contact us online or call (813) 288-1881 to learn how our specialized judgment enforcement services can work for you.

Legal Disclaimer

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute formal legal advice. Levy laws, exemptions, and required evidentiary standards vary widely across jurisdictions. It is crucial to seek specific guidance from qualified legal counsel before initiating any customized involuntary asset seizure actions based on the information provided here.


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