In todays world of business you can’t be careful enough… In many situations, even people that tried to be very cautious got deceived. A client, maybe even a supplier, which seemed so trustworthy and reliable didn’t keep up their end of the deal.

Who will have to pay from their own pocket, is potentially you. Perhaps a client owes you money for products or services or a supplier has accepted the payment but didn’t deliver the goods…
The excessive attorneys’ fees might sometimes exceed what is actually being owed. In many cases, there are ways to pursue legal action to collect what’s owed to you without needing a lawyer to represent you.

  • Small Claims Court
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Collection Agencies
  • Credit Action


It does not matter which way you will choose, you will need to know just how far to take things. For instance, although many people may plead poverty outside the courtroom, take into close consideration what they say on the legal record. You will get a clear suggestion of just how much money the other party actually has and whether you should go after the full sum or not. If there is indication of sufficient belongings, chase your fair share. Nevertheless, if legal papers show little in the way of funds and an ex-client of yours offers you 50 cents on the dollar, it might be wise to take whatever you can get.
It is also very important to know when to bring in an attorney. For example, if the money you are fighting about is considerable; something like beyond the purview of your state’s small-claims guidelines then an attorney might be worth the extra cost. Likewise, pay attention to your opposite number’s outlook, particularly if there is a large sum of money at stake: “If you are dealing with someone who is obstinate or difficult, you may want to get a debt collection attorney involved,
We will be exploring each option in new posts.
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