Florida Collection Attorney for Attorneys

When you need help collecting a debt for your clients.


 Florida Debt Collection Attorney Serving Other Attorneys

Marcadis Singer PA is a law firm that is completely dedicated to the practice of collection law in the State of Florida.  The practice of collection law in Florida is challenging.  To be honest, Florida is known as a debtor state or debtor haven and when you need legal representation to collect a debt in Florida.  You require lawyers that are experienced, and dedicated to the practice of debt collection law specific to the state of Florida.

No matter whether you are a lawyer from another state and have a claim or hold a judgment that needs to be domesticated in Florida and need legal representation, whether you are outside of the United States and debt  matter in Florida or whether you are a lawyer practicing in Florida but unfamiliar with creditor’s rights and collection enforcement,  or if you simply need a prudent assessment of your legal collection matter in Florida, call partner Gil Singer at Marcadis Singer PA.

Both partners of the firm, Ralph Marcadis and Gil Singer, have dedicated their practice of law to collection law.  Since 1984 and 1979 respectively, both have limited their legal practice to creditors’ rights, collecting debts for creditors.

When you have questions about collecting a debt in Florida or Domesticating your Foreign Judgment and when you require experienced legal professionals to handle your collection matter in the State of Florida, don’t hesitate to call either one of the partners, Ralph Marcadis or Gil Singer.

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