Consumer Debt Collection Attorney Florida


Consumer Debt Collection Attorney Florida

Welcome to the Law Offices of Marcadis Singer PA. Our flawless reputation and solid record with our clients is a testament to our ability when dealing with bad debt portfolios in the state of Florida. Our dedication to our clients is paramount and we work hard to make sure our clients get the best possible outcome. Our Debt Collection firm deals with a number of issues dealing with both consumer and commercial debt collection.  Our Florida collection attorneys know how to deal with and navigate the Florida legal system and will do so in order to provide the best possible result for our clients.

Our history is filled with success and this is attributed to our extensive legal coverage in the state of Florida. Due to this diversity, we are able to bring consumer debtors to the negotiating table if need be in order to avoid litigation.

We are aggressive, and will utilize every remedy available to us under the law, that is economically feasible, to recover the money you’re owed. This we find is the best method to approach collection, because people would rather pay than deal with the pressure we can bring to the table as collection attorneys. One of the goals of our law firm is to persuade the consumer debtor that it is easier to pay the creditor than deal with lawyers.

The Florida collection attorneys at the Law Offices of Marcadis Singer PA, are prepared to help settle your Florida debt collection claims and would be pleased to arrange a personal consultation to answer any questions you may have.

When Marcadis Singer PA is hired you should expect a paralegal force, collection personnel, and administration that will support and facilitate the legal and litigation stages of the collection process.

Marcadis Singer PA is the organization you need for your Florida debt collection issues, please call our office at 813-288-1881.


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